Periscope and Meerkat

Is Periscope The Future Of Video Content?

The emergence of Periscope and Meerkat are fantastic for real, raw unfiltered connection – but they’ve got content creators and story-tellers momentarily baffled about how we’re going to use these new platforms and where they sit alongside more established video platforms forging ahead in terms of grabbing more corporate attention.


Every brand I meet at the moment is telling me one thing – they want more video. But is any video better than no video? As the founding video journalist for The Times, and a writer, I always believed that video should tell in pictures what you can’t see in words. In other words, no talking heads.


A couple of years ago I oversaw this video for Vodafone Social when they were trying to tell the bigger story about swapping your micro-SIM card for a nano-SIM card. If you watch it expecting to see a man holding a SIM card you’ll be disappointed!


At the moment I think Chipotle are still way ahead with videos. Back to The Start can almost reduce me tears and that’s not something I’d often do over a burrito.

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